Jump out of bed and get kids ready and out the door by 7:20am for school. Reminding them the first thing they should do in the morning is brush their hair and teeth. check

Go back to bed and lay there playing games on my phone for 20 minutes. (I have time before my conference call) check

Drag my ass out of bed because of Clifford and brush my teeth.  check

Let the dog out. check

Grabbing my coffee while yawning with tears, thinking I should brush my hair real fast and grab a sweatshirt since I’m a tad cold in my pajamas but, I may as well shower if I do that and no time. check

Sit down at laptop and mess around with notes, gather up some questions and thoughts while still rubbing my eyes. check

As I wait 2 minutes for the clock to strike it’s time, I realize it’s a video call ………………..

SHIT!!  check. ooooo yes, that is what I look like.


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